Hello to any and all who may have found their way to this site, whether through intentional action or happenstance. I’m Adam, and welcome to my blog. To be completely honest (not that I would ever be anything other than), I’m not entirely sure what this blog will talk about. 



I’m certainly going to talk about writing. My writing, other’s writing, things I’ve read and loved, things I’ve read and wanted to love but didn’t (I’m looking at you, The Great Gatsby). For the first time in my life, I’m fully committing to the written word, both personally and professionally. This is a relatively subtle shift from an outside perspective, as writing and books have played a role in my life for so long. I was known by my parents for leaving my light on in my room late into the night because I had been reading, usually falling asleep doing so. I was known by my teachers for reading underneath my desk, often leading to me being unexpectedly (though somewhat expectedly) called out in front of the entire class. Books have the power to consume me, with re-reading being a common practice of mine, whether it was Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Clearly, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, or The Dog Master by W. Bruce Cameron. I must acknowledge my love of reading for contributing many of the writing skills that carried me through my academic years. And that is where much of my writing has lived up until this point: in scholastic assignments and academic papers. Book reports, summer assignments, research papers, and five-paragraph essays; all written by me but not for me. This is a nice change, writing for myself. 


I’ll also certainly write about traveling. My friends say I always seem to be returning from a trip or planning for my next one, and I suppose this is true. Travel makes me feel alive, and living in other countries allows me to understand just how vast and diverse this world is. Different languages, different foods, different cultures, all unique and fascinating, all part of the same human experience. I’ve traveled on structured excursions with my family, planned and safe. I’ve ventured on guided, multi-month travels abroad, immersing myself in other cultures. And I’ve backpacked around countries I’d never been to before, without a plan or a guide. Every trip has been distinctly different, with unique laughs, cries, and memories. 


I’ll also address other, random things that bounce around my head. My opinions on education, compiled from my own experiences with public, private, and homeschooling curriculums. What I think about the evolutionary dietary habits of humans. How writing for English speakers in other countries has given me a greater appreciation for how languages evolve and change. What age I think kids should start rock climbing. 


So I suppose I do have some idea of what I will be writing about in this blog. The real truth is that my thoughts are too broad, too varied to be captured under a niche blog heading. So these will simply be my ideas, my ponderings, my words, my writing. 


Stay tuned for more!



1 thought on “An Introduction

  1. Bob Tutnauer says:

    Great Start, Adam- I look forward to your Blog-I look forward to sharing your travel and life adventures

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