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I’m Adam S. Karofsky, the A.S.K. behind ASK Writes. Other than being my initials, ask has always been central to who I am. I ask questions, gather knowledge, and exist in a constant state of learning and exploration. For me, writing is a tool to string together stories, share information, and connect people.

My creative process is client-driven and collaborative. I want to hear your story and create content in your voice to benefit your business. My writing style is formulated and adaptive, giving you the power to guide your own content creation process. I pride myself on creating unique content that ultimately reflects the experience and personality of each individual client.

In addition to being an avid personal and professional writer, I am also a nomadic traveler, having embarked upon many multi-month trips around the United States, Central America, and the South Pacific. My love of travel and thirst for knowledge has fueled my exploration of other countries and cultures. While traveling, I love to hike, surf, rock climb, and try as many different kinds of cuisine as I can.

I am a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Commonwealth Honors College. I obtained my B.A. in Anthropology with Highest Honors, focusing my academic studies on cave art and ancient cognitive abilities.



Books, Blogs, and Articles

With collaboration and efficiency, I will create content that captures your voice and conveys the information you desire to share. Whether it’s personal or professional, this long-form content will be representative of your brand and story.


Editing Services

For when you have an existing piece of content that just needs some work. My editing process is focused and thorough. Whether it’s a blog post you want a second pair of eyes on, a book chapter that you’ve had sitting on your computer for years, or a webpage that needs refreshing, I will work with you until you are thrilled with your content.

Writing Consulting

Sometimes, you just need a writing buddy. For this, I volunteer. Over a timeline of your choosing, I will consistently work with you and hold you accountable for your work, while reviewing and reworking your writing until it feels right.






Enjoy The Climb: The Simple And Complete Guide To The Pinnacle Business Operating System

By Tom Bouwer and Gregory Cleary

A straightforward, to-the-point breakdown of the Pinnacle Operating Systems which covers topics such as finding your purpose, goal setting, and tracking metrics.

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Life Shifts: Women’s Stories of Surrendering to and Rising Above Life’s Challenges

Compiled by Linda Joy and Edited by Deborah Kevin and Adam S. Karofsky

An anthology featuring stories from empowered women who courageously and vulnerably share their stories of navigating life’s curveballs and subsequent journeys of transformation, resilience, and courage.

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Penthouse Divorce: Establishing the Journey of Divorce for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals

By Olivia Brooke Summerhill

An exploration into the world of ultra-high-net-worth divorce, covering the emotional, fiscal, and logistic elements of the process.

 Coming Soon! 



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Hello to any and all who may have found their way to this site, whether through intentional action or happenstance. I’m Adam, and welcome to my blog.


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